Sunday, May 30, 2010

Relay For Life '10

today turned out to be a great day for me.
as i usually participate in projects that are
plain dumb fun in nature and not so mind boggling.
this time i was determined to join
Relay For Life
a yearly initiative organised by
the Malaysian Cancer Association
(or somtin like that)
to pay tribute, celebrate and to support people who
lost their lives, are still fighting and those
who have won the battle against cancer.

it was raining heavily b4 the event.
so the field we were suppose to have the walk in was
really muddy and nasty (as vini said.)

so i decided at 4pm to go to this event.
(the event starts at 6pm)
i was actually persuaded by Marina Mahathir to join
i was unsure at that point of time,
but due to her personal invitiation,
i decided to go immediately!
i was excited and pumped!!
(anyways how could i deny an invitation
by someone i look so up to???)

so, like a crazy monkey i called
everyone who i believed would want to join and
as usual, vini and shaqyl came to the rescue.

the highlight of the day was getting to take a pic with
an all time fav actress of mine.
Lina Teoh y'all~!!!
i was giddy and all happy the whole night.
i was like a blond white fan girl screaming all night!
it was not even funny.
tak caya ask vini and shaqyl.

im so gonna do this again next year~
n ill want to stay there for the entire 16 hours.


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