Saturday, May 15, 2010

Korean Pop Diva

its been awhile since i last post somtin on K-Pop.
ok, heres the thing with k-pop these days..
a few weeks ago, the k-pop scene had a rough patch due
to the bombing of the 2 naval ships in the Korean waters.
most of the music shows had to cancel their broadcasts up to like 4 weeks.

but in the past few weeks,
the k-pop scene have been graced with so many great acts
by among of the best they have to offer like

Lee Hyori (my fav),
Super Junior,
Davichi and
many more.

a brief intro about lee hyori,
she's like one of the most loved celebrity in Korea.
she first debuted as a singer as apart of the girl group fin.kl in the late 90's
but later moved on as a solo artist when the group disbanded.

H-Logic is her 4th solo album and
she has written the title song album herself.

she may seem as a diva on stage but she has proven
herself as a funny women as permanent member of the famous
tv show "family outing".

here's a vid of her latest song
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.


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