Sunday, May 30, 2010

its only rm5 ok.

yesterday i went to this event.
overall it was cool..
many activities and stuff to look at.
n i really felt it could work to bring more youths to
be involved in healthier activities.

i didnt go bcoz i thot i was cool to go.
at first, i thot this Youth '10 is so Sure Heboh-ish.
but, a dear friend (shaqyl) needed help
so i came and helped her out.
(i didnt do much if not anythin.)

all in all. it was ok.
had the worst time of my life
looking for the back door coz i
was suppose to be and exhibitor.
(had to pay rm5 je pon)
n it was just very pelik when In-Team
performed after a indie rock group.
(its not all about duniawi ok!)

go visit the Discovery Hall!
my friend sell t-shirts there.
-French For Incredibles-


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