Tuesday, May 4, 2010

first experience.

a few days ago i found that on one of the blogs i write for
that somebody commented that it was as if the blog was
a personal blog where it is suppose to be not.

i realised that he/she may be right and he/she may have a point.
i acknowledge the comment and said that i would do better.

but it didnt help that wat the person said hurt.
and i was managing the blog alone where as it should be done
as a group..

im angry and sad.
i didnt feel like turning on my blog for days.
it was the first time somebody gave a
negative comment of the things i write about.


4 people give a shit!:

nur syaza said...

mael! dont let other people bring you down!

aMaeBa said...

just weird la, when people kutuk what u write about.. coz its a blog. weird, and hurtful

J said...

I like how cheerful and dandy you sound in your blog!.. takpe Mael. I'm right behind ya!

aMaeBa said...

tanx j~!

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