Friday, April 30, 2010


i hope the pic didnt scare u~!

ill be doing some promotional work now,
if u deem this as not worth the read,
then by all means,

u can move on with ur buzy life..
(but it would be great if u kept reading)

on the 8th of May,
KL will be hosting the Malaysian Chapter of the
Glee FlashMob
where people do a dance routine
to the many tunes of
in a organized flashmob fashion..
this flashmob have been done at several cities around
the world already
Rome and
Tel Aviv
and KL have risen to the occasion to
organize the next one.

for more info and details,
u can go to

the site also has the vids of which show the dance moves
u have to learn and memorize to join in the flashmob
i really hope to c u there~!

the pic above was taken and edited by Shaqyl,
its a part of an ad for the event.
the least she could do was to edit out all the pimples kan??


2 people give a shit!:

weiyun said...

es..ur fav rite? stil rmb wen i first meet u, u ask me am i watching glee? that time i stil duno wat glee is, n u so excitedly introduce to me how nice the series is bla bla u gonna dance it!! how cool is that=)

aMaeBa said...

hahaa.. i think i remember asking u that.. hahaha.. that was b4 everybody knew about glee.. and the only way to watch it was by downloading it from the internet.

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