Monday, April 12, 2010

My Life as a Trainee.

first day of work..
working as a trainee at a Planning firm called
Iktisas Planners Snd Bhd

came to the office really early,
even the office wasnt opened yet.
waited a few minutes,
a guy let me and mushi (the other practical trainee) in.
waited sumore at the lobby
as the people from my office has yet arrived..
finally a lady from my office came...
she identified herself as the person in charge of environment...
(i have yet to noe her name...)

we then waited a bit more in the meeting room upstairs
(my office is on the 3rd floor, no elevator)
then we were greeted by the staff and work officially started.

we started off folding maps,
then we moved to binding reports,
then we had to help out with MapInfo
(is a software planners use to digitally organize and plan land uses)
we got so bz in the end,
i was actually scared to go back even tho it was already 6pm.

haha.. lets just see wat tomorrow have in store for me.
owh~! my boss is kinda garang..
i think she's actually pretty nice and
she means well..


4 people give a shit!:

nur syaza said...

iktisas? hahah..learn well mael! situ memang u akan dapat banyak experience :)

aMaeBa said...

yup! i sure do.. its only been a few days, tp i feel like ive learnt alot already! plus all the staff are like so nice!

/Dayah//Nurul/ said...

happy practical ye..mesti dpt elaun kan :)

aMaeBa said...

hahah~ harap2 la. mungkin dapat, mungkin tak. tgk kerajinan buat keje.

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