Sunday, April 4, 2010

World Pillow Fight Day, KL Chapter

i had the best time today~!
it was the second time i joined in the KL Chapter
of the World Pillow Fight Day.

last year i was a participant..
had to pummel my way thru the crowd...

this year i get to be a Pillow Fight Police!

the thing i love the most about these events is that
i get to meet all the people i dont usually get to see on a regular basis..
the people who i got to noe thru these events RA organised..
good people.

thats Jackie.
shes actually one of the first people i got to noe from RA..
one of the old members of RA i guess..

this is Yun a.k.a. Didi
i got to noe her recently during the EveryoneConnects stint last year..
we were both broomers..
shes a UM student sumore...
(hi YUN! i noe ull be reading this)

this is the team i was suppose to lead..
there's nothin much to lead in a pillow fight isnt it?
u just chose a target and hit as hard as you can...
haha~we were the smallest group out of the 4..
i could see the scared faces when i said we had to go fight with each other...

there was a briefing beforehand,
at a really cool place called otak2..
their menu is in the form of a school notebook.
i actually thought the book was like a free gift or somtin..
i didnt noe it was the menu..
hahah~ silly me.

the police.

the fight.

the mess.

i had so much fun today..
i always do during RA stints..

best part of all,
meeting the people.
and making new friends.
why dont u join in the next one?


ps. ive just noticed that,
when i do cut my hair short,
my face doesnt look as fat.

::credit to Khalil Makata for the pics::

4 people give a shit!:

weiyun said...

Haha..Yaya..I m reading=)
Funny la how u lie on the floor n Jackie sweep u... Really fun la...

aMaeBa said...

i noe rite.. so much fun~!
its a pity that a lot of people didnt get the chance to come. being easter weekend n all..

MomTom said...

good photos
same quality as taken from dslr

aMaeBa said...

most of them are,
except for the first pic which was taken using my phone..

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