Friday, May 21, 2010

no more dinners

i thought that it would be easier for me to post updates on my
blog as i m basically off campus and working as a trainee in Melawati.
but that is sooo not the deal i was hoping for.
i feel like i dont have time for anything now.

my zapin members are all around the place and we
cant get a decent show as there are not enuf people to perform for one.
my badminton buddies pon dh cam fed up coz i keep on blowing them off.
my work as the PR for asuhan seni pon dh ke mana tah pegi.

and by the time i get back home,
ill be pissed, angry, bitter and such in a bad mood that i dont even feel
like eating anymore.
(ok, eating is a big thing for me. i eat a lot.
not eating dinner for me is equivalent to a slow death)

im alwaiz tired.
its not like i have so much to do,
its just that i feel tired looking at the screen all day
and doing the same thing over and over again.
owh god.
im so not becoming a planner.

i so need to find a better career choice soon.
how bout a marriage counselor?
or a pimp?


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