Saturday, February 27, 2010

LOve is often misjudged.

IPAC 2010 was a success!

weeks of preparation was all for this one night.
it was all worth it.

ok, for those who didnt have the chance to come and watch the event,
heres a little summary.

LOve is often related with lust and ones desire for worldly matters.
but yet love is something that is actually really close to religion,
love is shown i many ways
and it was revealed in 4 major examples is this years's IPAC,
LOve towards Parents.
LOve towards Friends.
LOve towards the Prophet.
LOve towards Allah.

i really need to give my tanx to Kak Ada and Irwan
for choosing me to help u guys coordinate this event.
it was a huge responsibility to work as a programme coordinator
and i was proud to be able to work with
u guys as well as the others in the team.

congrats to cekgu KuZahir to a job well done with as
the music director!!
cekgu sgt hebat!!

and also tanx to all the people who made this event a success.
the musicians,
the actors,
the narrators,
the performers,
the crew,
the viewers
and all the
the supporters of IPAC 2010: LOve Is..

an assisting musician from
Orkestra Traditional Malaysia,
Istana Budaya

singers from the Ummul Qura' club..
this group of IIU students are a well known groupin Saudi Arabia.
their voices are so in sync its not even funny how good they are.

dikir barat also performed a song
that reminds us the crucial things in life.
advise us on things we tend to forget.

the orchestra pit was lead by my sensei,
Cekgu KuZahir KuAhmad

a special guest performance by
Ramli Sarip. it seems that IIU students really like him
everybody gave such a great round of applause when he came on stage.

this maybe my last tyme participating in an IPAC
ill remember this event the rest of my life.
the hardships,
the friends i made along the way,
the nights sleeping in the Hall,
the standing ovation people gave when the concert was finished,
tanx everyone.

this is the Programme Coordinator team,
lead by izwan from caklempong and Kak Ada from Gamelan.


::Credit to Mohd Ridzuan Mat Zin::

4 people give a shit!:

Scarred Soul said...


standing ovationkah?

kenapa tak perasan?

last night was awesome!!~~

aMaeBa said...

aah. standing ovation kot. ustaz hamidon pon bgn kot!

J said...

MAEL! Congrats! Thats a job well done! :)

aMaeBa said...

tanx j... did u come to watch??

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