Friday, March 5, 2010

i could just be dreaming..

ive always wanted to go to Sarawak.
almost got the chance once
but something suddenly came up and
i had to cancel the whole trip.

hopefully when i do turn
22 in a few days, i can make it there soon.

in conjunction with my birthday in a few days,
ive included a few item and things that i wish i could
acquire soon.

1. a samsung corby handphone
particularly pink in colour.

2. a pair of yellow pants
wwoooo!! i totally work this out~

3. a pair of red flat shoes..
reds my fav colour...
just take a look at my car.

4. a quiet night out with my girls
just hanging out and doing nothing..
aj, lola, sarah... *hint2*

gonna be 22 very soon,

4 people give a shit!:

..blindart.. said...

have been there (first picture).... siap jumpa sedara mmara ko (probosis monkey) huhuhuhuh....

aMaeBa said...

cis!! monkey??

Nadiah Kzaman said...

mAEL..*testing testing..
ye saya mmg suke gi sarawak..nnti someday kita pegi ye..

aMaeBa said...

mari2.. teringin gler nk g sarawak...

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