Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Idealism Vs Realism

when we work,
should we strive for somtin
that is realistic or somtin that is ideal?
who decides whether a certain idea is
idealistic or realistic??

when we were presenting our final portfolio last monday,
we were commented that our plans were a bit idealistic
and they never envision Maran to be developed in such a way..

it may just be a learning exercise but
for a mere student, to be able to create an ideal world where
everything is nice and serene is the best feeling ever...

i do believe so.
no one should choose to live any other way,
and everyone should have a vision on how his future should look like.
i may just a student who has no experience in working as a decision maker,
but i truly believe that anything is possible if we believe in it hard enough.

a lot of people are under estimating
the power of the mind.
if we believe hard enough,
its only time till we'll make it happen.
the mind is a great motivator.
the mind can work wonders.
the mind is the most powerful weapon god have given us.

but progress can only start if we have
sufficient knowledge and wisdom.
owh! and excellent decision makers,
not the kind where they just argue on petty matters in the cabinet..
(sometimes it is painful to watch the things they discuss in the parliament..)
im not saying all the decision makers are incapable,
some are very good,
we need the kind who are not afraid to take a chance and move forward.
we need those believe in progress,
as progress will only start if he takes the first step.

i am an idealistic person.
and i do believe that the world
will be a better place one day.


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