Monday, March 29, 2010

Main Dengan Rakyat - Part 3

its that time of the month again
when i gather with a group of strangers
(now, everybody there are practically friends after months of playing games together...)

this month we decided to play galah panjang (again!)
we did play this game last year,
when the group was still at the introduction stage
and not a lot of people noe about
Main Dengan Rakyat..

my team won this month!!
after the disappointing outing playing Lompat Getah
2 months ago!
yeay me!
i even managed to score a point for my team!
in the end the score was 2-0.

everytime MDR comes around,
i get reminded of 2 things...
1. the amount of energy one must have in order to play these traditional games, and
2. that im getting older and fatter that i cant run as fast as i used to..

this is me,
dead tired
and wheezing
out of breath.

come and join the next one!
it will be on the 24th of April
and we're playing Rounders this tyme around..


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