Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Memories of Planning Studio.

goin thru 3 years of studio
was probably the hardest thing i
had to go thru yet...
i think ive probably lost a few years off
my life due the amount of stress i was
under all thru the 3 years...

but when we gathered together today
as a group to deliver our final portfolio
to our external assessors,
i felt that everybody was just trying to
just enjoy the last day we had together
as a planning studio student.

some of us even stayed till the very end,
till all the presentation boards where taken down
and all the equipments where returned to the office.

its funny tho.
being my last studio,
it came as a suprise to me that i enjoyed it
as much as i did...
i didnt expect to had such a great time
during the site visit,
i didnt expect we could work so well as a group,
and i didnt expect to have such a lovely studio master this sem.
its funy when the best things always comes when we least expect it.

as usual,
pics will always be taken to commemorate the occasion.

we were waiting for the vip's to arrive.
Dato Shahanieza from DUN Kuala Sentul
and the People of Maran

EIE+2 didnt miss the chance to dress up
in matching outfits that we bought together at Sg Petani last year.

always with the jumping pics..

and also the closeup
cute, scary and vain pic.

ill miss studio much.

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