Thursday, January 28, 2010

Its a fact! -part 4-

in conjunction with the Birthday of my blog,
i bring to u the fourth installment of
Its a Fact!

i havent done this since the 17th of May,
so as a treat for the readers,
ill do this one more time.
as i noticed that the 'its a fact!' series
is one of the most famous in my blog.

1. measuring at 8 centimeters tall,
"the Guennol Lioness" a 5000 year old sculpture from Baghdad,
is the most expensive sculpture sold ever in an auction.
it was sold at Sotheby's New York at a price of $ 57,161,000

2. in a pole taken in the US in 2001,
George W Bush was voted the most popular US president ever.
but, a follow up to the pole was done in 2008 and miraculously he got the least popular.. (emmm.. wat happened in that few years to have changed the minds of the people??)

3. The status of tomatoes is rather controversial and confusing.
botanically, it is a fruit, but based on the its usage in cooking,
for legal and import duty
purposes certain countries consider it to be a vegetable.

4. everybody noes that the USA is the largest contributor of
Carbon-Dioxide in the whole wide world, but they are also
the country which recycles paper the most.
I guess they are slowly trying to make things better, hopefully before its to late.

5. wat ever u do, dont ever decide to go to work in the industrial sector in China.
in the year 2005 alone, 73,615 people died at work,
making China the country with the most work fatalities.
China almost doubles the number of cases in the second country with the most deaths, India.

6. eventho Japan is the top manufacturer of cars in the world, the're ain't that many cars in Japan itself if compared to the numbers of cars in the USA. the USA have more then triple the number of vehicles in Japan. in total, Japan have 73,824,660 while the USA have 237,697,097. no wonder the emit so much CO2.

7. unlike most people would guess, the USA is not the country with the highest average daily fat consumption fer capita. based on the 'Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations' the country which consumes the most fat daily is France.

8. before the 19th century, London, England is the first city in the world to
have a population that exceeds 1,000,000 people. but this figure was later passed
at the turn of the 19th century.

9. despite Brazil losing its forest the size of Belgium every year, Brazil still retains the world greatest area of rainforest. Brazil losses approximately 31,030 sq km per year.

10. despite all the anlene a person can drink, she will still sleep in class.

i hope u enjoy this 4th installment.

4 people give a shit!:

thE^DuCheSs said...

speechless ni..tak tau akak patut berterima kasih atau mengutuk2 dalam hati tahap nak g gores dan menang wang tunai 50sen kat keta ko mael..siyes......haish!!!

aMaeBa said...

akak, gmbr akak dh patut le jd
trademark kot tok blog nie.

thE^DuCheSs said...

akak nak tanya satu soklan la mael..asal eyh??? ko dengki sangat kat akak n suka kutuk2 akak?..akak tak penah pun amik gambar ko tido.. ( hahahhahhaha..gile nak gelak buat ayat sadis camni..hahhahahha)

aMaeBa said...

hahaha.. saje2 suka. pasal akak cam kelakar bila kene kaco. heee~

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