Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wonder Women

Its been awhile since i last post somtin
about Kpop.
this is somtin i was anticipating for quite awhile.
the picture above is not of a group.
those 7 girls belongs to 3 different vocal groups
(SeeYa, Davichi and T-ara)
coming from the same record company "Mnet"
these 7 girls
(i wont even bother writing down their names,
coz u guys wont even care anyways)
are known for their strong vocals.
also recognized to be among the best in Kpop.

this is the second time these girls have gathered together
to sing a song. and last tyme the song
"Woman's Generation"
did quite well in the chart
n Mnet is hoping that they could repeat the feat.

the song has a trot (korean folk music) feel to it.
which for me is very refreshing coz, most Kpop songs these days
contains to much electronic sounds.
the song also highlights the girls vocals
n Hyomin's and EunJung's rapping abilities.
(the two on the far right of the pic)

ill include the first performance of the song
at Music Bank so that u guys can see..
i would agree that this song would not be up to the taste
of certain people, but
Go ahead! Give it a try!


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