Tuesday, January 26, 2010

WoOT wOOt!! YiPPee!!

its been one year since i started blogging!!
happy anniversary to me!!

sorry if u thot it would be somtin bigger...
its just to celebrate the one year since ive
started this blog thru encouragement of
my buddies..

tanx to everybody who have been with me thru
this past year n sorry for anything that ive written
that could have possibly be hurtful in anyway...

many tanx to
Sarah Iqbal,
Eizla Zalila,
(sorri, im using ur real name... hahaha)
Chien Yih,
Kak Nonie,
n many more who have been
commenting and making this blogging
idea even more interesting..

blogging is fun,
but with blogging comes many
responsibilities and challenges.

fun as it may be,
wat ive learnt the hard way
is that words can hurt if not guided in
the right direction.
in agreement with everybody,
blogging gives us a medium to say our
mind and let out some steam after
a long day at work or class.
but be weary of the words used as they can
come back later and bite u in the ass..

but thats an old story...

again i would like to say Tanx to everybody for
a wonderful year n
Happy birthday to


6 people give a shit!:

Scarred Soul said...

Happy birthday simplymael!



aMaeBa said...


salihatalib said...

yaey!!!! setahun sudah! CONGRATULATION mael!!!!!
semoga akan sampai bertahun2 k :)
*bangga la my name is listed there. hehe :D

aMaeBa said...

takpa2.. sila la rasa bangga ye.. hahaha..
harap2 dpt la teroskan blog nie sampai tua..

weiyun said...

cute pic here with the balloons=P

aMaeBa said...

hahah! tanx yun!

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