Wednesday, January 6, 2010

im getting there.

im not so fortunate to be studying abroad like a lot of my frens
and ive always wanted to learn another language.
n finally ive manage to get off my lazy bum and joined a


yeay me!!

the class is soo fun!
the teacher is a korean lady who have been living in
KL for over 2 years.

im so happy that ive finally done this for myself.
ive alwaiz been making excuses for myself n

after only 3 weeks i can read (very slowly),
n understand a bit of korean.
mind u that i didnt noe any korean beforehand.
eventho i was very fascinated to the Korean Pop Culture,
i didnt understand one bit of the language b4.

이수마일 울짱!!!

i can write korean now!

연습이 대가를 만든다!
it means
"practice makes perfect!"


10 people give a shit!:

Arfah said...

es, blaja kat ne? brape fees?
mc best je ;p

aMaeBa said...

i amik class kat uia je. its like rm99 for a semester. its really nice. very easy to pick up.

veggieh8er said...

hahaha..good for you! ive always wanted to learn another language, tapi sadly my brain capacity is not meant for learning new languages (arabic class was the testimonial of how my brain is pretty useless when it comes to languages)..maybe i should try sign languages. :)

Luna said...

nampak saranghae kat atas je. terus komen. hahaha!

Scarred Soul said...

uljjang lah sangat~


aMaeBa said...

hahaha.. salah kew?

Scarred Soul said...

Tak salah lah...

Comel je. XD

Yourshimi hae juseyo for your Korean class~

(try spell that!)

aMaeBa said...

열시미 해 주세오??

Scarred Soul said...

I'm not sure of the real spelling either... (^_~)

But I'll spell it as the same except for the last character. That's 'o', not 'yo'...



aMaeBa said...

aah la.. silap di situ..

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