Saturday, July 4, 2009


it has been a really memorable day.
my all time dream
was to one day,
be able to perform in front of a live audience at Istana Budaya.

at one point i actually gave up on that dream as i thought it was to big of a dream.
but now i realize that no dream is too big for u to dream of.

i performed at Istana Budaya,
as a backup dancer for Rabbani
a dance called 'Tarian Munajat'

ive performed this dance before for Rabbani at the
Maulidur Rasul concert earlier this year,
so it was not a hard dance for me to do.
Rabbani has also asked us to perform the dance later in the
'Satu Dunia' concert in August.

we were told to be at the rehearsal at 10am this morning.
but unfortunately we only got on the stage at around 12.30pm.

there was another rehearsal in the evening.
it was suppose to start at 2.30 but unfortunately it only started at 5.oopm

i dont mind.
every single minute in Istana Budaya was a minute i would cherish.

this is me in the dressing room waiting.
the dressing room is MARVELOUS!!!
theres a TV, a shower and all!!

this is us.
being the vain people we are.

it was my goal to take a picture on the stage.
i was plotting it since morning but only manage to do so
after the show when everybody was busy packing.

im sooooo thankful to Rabbani
for trusting us again to perform this very lovely dance.
and also to give me this opportunity.

waiting behind the stage during the rehearsal was an enjoyable event.
to wonder around the place, as if we own the place. haha..
and the back stage is as expected.
HUGE!! a soccer field, maybe?

being the dorks we are.
posing for a last pic before leaving.

i had such a great time.
i want to tanx Rabbani,
Kak Wahida for calling us.
Abg Aswad for remembering us.
and to all the Nafastari members who enjoyed this experience with me.

a great night.

2 people give a shit!:

Anfaal Dhiyana said...

Oh!I can't go because i have some wedding at the morning and then slept whole day long after the wed. :(

But then you are very lucky cause you had a chance to be at the stage of the IB.

Argh!Jealous! :P

aMaeBa said...

oww.. toobad u didnt come.
the concert was actually pretty cool.

i am vet lucky tho, its a once in a lifetime chance to perform at IB.

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