Tuesday, July 21, 2009


i found the latest single from Brown Eyed Girls such a hit in the making.
it sounds fresh!
it sounds great!
it sounds new!
it sounds like Justin Timberlake?

the song is called...
im not actually sure why its called that coz
i dont really understand much Korean.
but thankfully
they are still carrying on with their signiture electronica sounds
but it sound soooo much current and is such a
fresh breath of air from all the Kpop act now.

ill try and upload the track later in the week
as i dont have the time just yet.
but ill try my best.


2 people give a shit!:

salihatalib said...

name nk dkat black eyed peas je kan..
hehe ;)

aMaeBa said...

nk dkt gak la...
tp takde la sgt.

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