Monday, May 2, 2011

cotton candy pop

its been awhile since ive did a review on my
favourite beats and sounds at the moment.
so thats what im want to do today..
so first up is the song

"Pink Rocket"
from the group
Dal Shabet

this is relatively a new group in the kpop
scene as they kinda debuted earlier this
year and this song being their second title single.
what makes me actually hating myself for loving this song is
due to the simplistic nature of the song.
if u actually listen to the instrumental
version of the song which i downloaded,
the song has really simple beats
*except for the raping part.*
but i guess thats the reason why this song is in the
top 7 song of the Inkigayo song chart..
even being such a young group.

another song that i really enjoy at the moment is a song by my favourite
kpop group. this song is a very recent song and has only been realised last weekend.

After School

this song has resulted in the group for the first time since a year
ago to be able to perform together.
throughout the whole year this group has been doing solo and
individual promotions and in their official twitter account has mentioned that
that they have really missed performing together and have been working hard
for thier comeback performances.
this song is penned by Danshi Dance who also wrote the
song "Haru Haru" by Big Bang.
and comprises of a subtle piano melody.
simply put, i love this big group of hot ladies and watever they
come out with, I WILL LOVE!

the next song that im totally in love is a song that
i actually gave little attention to before but fell head over heels when
Hailey Reinhart sang it during last weeks American Idol

"Rolling In the Deep"

im totally loving her voice
*ive been in love with her voice even before this song, dont get me wrong*
i can totally understand where this song come from...
it makes me feel angry and hurt..
and gives me this sensation of reminiscing old memories,
its like so weird. XD

but yeah,
this song its not as complex as many
of the electronic sounds out there...
*sorry J.Lo, im pointing to you*
but i guess its nice to give your head a rest from all that
music that revolves around it being visual.
this song as Adele has put
to be music for the ears not for the eyes..

so yeah.
thats it for my top songs at the moment.
what song makes u feel good these days?
let me know in the comments below.


ps. changed the layout of my blog
got tired of the layout that has remained unchanged for 2 years.
*plus my friend told me to change it.
ive gone with a minimalistic approach to my blog, u dig?

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