Wednesday, December 16, 2009


the new semester started last week.
i got chosen to be the group leader for studio work,
after 2 years of floating under the radar...

work concerning IPAC is undergoing slowly,
new batch of juniors have join the zapin group,
loads of pics to upload,
classes to attend like water coming down a waterfall,
heavily and eroding.

i have so many things to write about
but i cant seem to find the time to type it out!

even now,
its 3am.
havent finish my report yet.
its due 2morrow.




miss lola, aj n sarah.
lets go have dinner la.

3 people give a shit!:

LoLa Z. Izham said...

Aww! Me misses you too!!
Ooouuu!! You're now the hot shot senior!! I am soo proud of you!

Sarah Iqbal said...

i miss u toooo!! yes! we sooo shud have dinner!!

aMaeBa said...

huhu... i would always have so much fun with u girls... dinner kamis dpan jom!! sambil tgk movie sherlock holmes.

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