Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Main Dengan Rakyat

Main Dengan Rakyat
is an independent movement
comprising of young adults
to reclaim our public spaces
by playing traditional games
or even the not-so-traditional ones..

Be it kejar-kejar, kite flying,
konda kondi, rounders, bola chop,
bola sepak, lari dalam guni, or even scrabble...
come join for an hour of delightful
primary school padang fun.

Every last sunday of every month at 5 PM,
the Rakyat comes out to play at Dataran Merdeka.

i went to the most recent outing of the movement and
i had tonnes of fun!
last sunday we played baling slipar
which i havent played for ages.
n i didnt remember playing it
could be so tiring.
(mengah tak ingat, OK!)

met a lot of interesting people,
(apart from being really nice n friendly)

the most interesting thing is tho,
i just found out that it is actually illegal
to eat, walk, drink, of just literally
be standing on the grass
of dataran merdeka,
which i find funny coz its a public space,
but yet the public could not do anythin on it,
i believe its a perfect spot to have picnics n to hangout
coz when i was sitting there with the group
i found it to be very therapeutic...

well done to the management of
Main Dengan Rakyat
n i hope ur movement and efforts would carry on
for many years to come!

next outing would be on the 27th of December,
we are playing 'Bola Beracun'
contact me if ur interested!


4 people give a shit!:

kero rO said...

cm sonok jek mael...

aMaeBa said...

next month nyer ko cuba ekot aku tau!

Nelza Rahim said...

oh tak tau pun ada benda ni, macam best je!

kero rO said...

kalo ak ad kenderaan..
sape r nk angkut ak ni???hhuhuh..

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