Thursday, November 26, 2009

Are u addicted too??

facebook is one the most successful
creations created by man.
everybody needs a facebook account.
but why?
y should we have a facebook account?
based on,
there are 6 reasons why facebook is so addictive.

no. 1 -
people need to feel connected to each other.

lets face the facts, people are busy bodies,
they like to talk,
talk about themselves,
talk about other people,
and talk about what other people talk about themselves.
its something we cant run from,
n facebook have enabled us to do this without
even leaving our house.
apart from being faster,
it also helps us to fulfill the basic need
for people to know they are being listened too.

no. 2 -
People need to be nosey

its basic human behavior to be nosey,
What better way to waste the hours away than to
stick your nose into other people’s business
without them really knowing you’re doing it.
u can uncover deep secrets and many more thru facebook.
interests n activities!

no. 3 -
employers love it too!

employers all around the world
have been sacking their employees
as they were caught not doin their work
or even havin their productivity level lower
as they are addicted to facebook.
employers worldwide are now
thankful to facebook for identifying these
problem cases to eliminate their companies from
goin under.

no. 4 -
single, in a relationship, gay or straight??

just by simply checking up on the people
ur fren have been interacting with,
u can identify this persons sexuality n status,
having stating the persons preference
helps too!

no. 5 -
u dont need to set up ur own website

havin a facebook account is more than enough.

no. 6 -
i havent seen them in years.

with the growing population of facebook users,
u can expect that almost everybody has one now.
imagine that u can even find somebody uve lost
contact with since u were 5!
Facebook makes it easy to find them and tell
them what’s on your mind, no matter what it is.

facebook rockS!

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