Monday, November 23, 2009

Everyone Connects Street Party - Part 2

as promised,
i bring u more pics from the event
the pic above is from the the tyme
we had our briefing at the Hainan Chicken Rice Shop.
i just want u guys to imagine wat the people of the shop
was feeling when theu saw
200 people came and ate at their store at the same time..

the result is -
waiting almost an hour for the food.

this is during the trial run of the event during the afternoon...
a fren of mine actually said that this reminded her of the
time when we where in school n had to line up
especially during events like Sports day and stuff...
which is kinda true..

the really corruptive people
who turn the little innocent boy i am,
into a street party junky?
tanx guys!
i had a lot of fun with u guys...

we were given mics that does not work...
it was just to make the
effect like we are singing karaoke
together as a huge group...

im totally in love with Stella's hair...
it like soooo long and wavy and nice!

this is actually when we were doin the freeze.
u could c me at the far right of the pic
im holding the mic with sharon.
by the end of the freeze i couldnt feel my legs...
coz i was stupid enough to freeze in a kinda of tonggek position.
i could even feel sweat dripping off my elbow.

last but not least,
an actual photo of me doin the stomping flash mob.
im the only one wearing the brown formal wear...
imagine the amount of sweat i accumulated.

well done TM for a wonderful event!

::credit to Sasha, Joanna, Sharrif n Andy Gan 4 the pics::

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