Thursday, November 12, 2009


if u guys have read one of my post
quite a while ago about the
pillow fight flash mob
and the Merdeka Train Party

u would understand that i really like being apart
of all these random event thingys..
i find it to be a way for me to interact with people besides
the ones i would find at Uni.
u have no idea the many wonderful people
u could met at events like this...
people! go out more!
(kan sarah??)

i went to this audition
the night before yesterday
in order to be a participant of the next flash mob,
i cant say much about what we're
actually gonna do,
but i can assure u that its gonna be a very long one.

and last night
i got the sms that im passed the
auditions and
that i have been chosen to be a

i think what Zain
(the guy who is incharge of these flash mobs)
is doin is really great for the country,
u noe coz he is really trying to gather all these
people together, from all the races and age groups
with a single purpose in mind
which is to create a scene!

thats why im really passionate about doin all these things
eventho im bz with other stuff, coz
i believe its my responsibly as a Malaysian to try and
be as supportive as possible to a fellow Malaysian
who is trying to do good for the country...
(m i making any sense?)
i doesnt hurt that im getting paid..

what have u done for ur country lately?


4 people give a shit!:

aMaeBa said...

im so excited for this flash mob!!

LoLa Z. Izham said...

Aiyaaak! Im jealous! I wanna go tooo!!

aMaeBa said...

tah u nie..
tak penah lagi join us g flash mob...
nvrmd... one day u will..
hopefully we dont migrate to aussie till then.

weiyun said...

I didn't know I would get paid back then!

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