Friday, November 6, 2009


for those who are new to Kpop,
Brown Eyed Girls is one of the best female groups
currently still active in Korea.
being one of the senior groups with most of the
group members already at their late 20's,
the group is still able to come put with hit after hit
since their second album last year.

after the very much success of
the Brown Eyed Girls (BEG)
are back with a repackaged
Version of their album Sound-G

this repackaged album also come with
a new single which they have started
promoting yesterday on Mnet MCountdown.

all i can say is that ive fallen in love
with the BEG's once again with this new single.
yet again they've come out with another
catchy song with a catchy dance.

but i cant but feel like the beat of
this song is kinda similar to of which
from their song L.O.V.E,
but who cares, this song is still the bomb.
Ive included a vid of their performance
last night on Mnet Mcountdown.

i apologize coz this vid is not the best vid i could provide,
but it is the smallest i have,
(my Internet is really slow)

i hope u enjoy it as much as i did.

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