Saturday, November 21, 2009

Everyone Connects Street Party

i was apart of a great event just now.
we did a lot of things.
i stomped,
i air-guitar battled,
i kalang waved (another version of the mexican wave),
i congaed (the conga line thingy),
i freezed,
i sang,
and i dance my heart out.

i got sooo tired
soo quickly today.
eventho i did manage to catch the much needed
sleep most of the other guys didnt get,
i still got tired wayy to fast.
(jumping and dancing in the rain is
not somtin i would recommend people to do,
unless u get paid! :D)

i couldnt take pictures
as i couldnt bring anythin with me
n i had to switch off my phone
- apparently it disturbs the wireless microphones -
but it was all good.
hopefully the assigned photographers
did managed to take a few pics
with me in it.

the only pic i have.
this one pon was taken durin the start of the flash mob...
rite after the stomping.
ill upload more pics if i find any later.

tanx to this event ive met a lot of people.
people whom i could never met
in other circumstances.
im tankful for that la.
wishing that i would met them up soon!


ps. do i look like sombody whos 26??

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