Monday, August 24, 2009

am i good or wat?

how bout it?
three movies in three days!
and its ramadhan....

Friday nite, Saturday nite and sunday afternoon
was three days of which i spent my days with three
flocks of friends...

on friday nite i went to watch Up
with mizie, hilman,
kak syaza and her bf, Faliq (if im not mistaken)
the movie was really fun and funny.
but for me the movie also stimulated a few
emotional buttons.
the story started of quite sad and ended really emotionally as well...
i enjoyed it very much.

saturday was 'I love you, Beth Cooper'
the movie was funny and stupid at some parts....
a typical chick flick if u ask me.
but watching it with my bestfriend,
it was a great nite.
and yesterday i watched Aliens In the Attic with my 2 sisters
this movie i believe was actually better
that the one i watched on Saturday
its funny, and fun
and theres also parts with decent Special Effects...

and the winner
for this weekend goes to

all in all,
great weekend!
ramadhan kot...
apa nk jadi ak nie...


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