Saturday, August 22, 2009

nope! dont eat just yet!

its ramadhan!
and u cant eat just yet...
now muslim boys and girls like me,
who eat to fill up the emptiness inside ourselves,
have to find
an alternative to feed this void...

honestly, i dont find fasting is difficult,
i look at it as an oppurtunity to do good deeds
and ofcourse,
to loose weight.

most of u guys out there would agree with me that
loosing weight during ramadhan is not so easy to do.
(nafsu tue, membuak-buak kan bile buka...)

so, in the end,
at the end of ramadhan,
most of us actually gained a few kg's.

on another note,
blogging havent been easy this month.
my uni's wireless really is the worse rite now...
and i just am to tired to blog,
everytime i get back to my room...

lets us all be better people is this blessed month.
i wish everybody a great weekend and a wonderful ramadhan...

ahlan wa ramadhan al mubarak!


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