Saturday, August 15, 2009

Im Home!!

im finally at home after nearly a month of none stop work,
shows and meetings...


i sound like some random celebrity whos
too bz for anythin that actually matters.

so 2morrow ive got this audition at
Istana Budaya of which im like totally nervous about.
i must do well 2morrow!

Wish me luck again u guys..

yesterday was the IIUM cultural unit Promo show.
firstly i just have to say that it was raining!

the carpet we were to be dancing on was entirely wet and slippery
and i had to be extra careful not to have fallen down
as a lot of my close frens were up there watching me.

luckily nothin bad happened except for some minor misshaps.

i went on to be a really cool night.
my frens were there watching
and i had a great time hanging out
with the members of the cultural unit.

the lighting is certainly not making me any favours...
i look like i have begok...

tanx everyone for a wonderful night!

Ramadhan is comin.
hopefully my aim of losing a few kg's this year
is succesfull.

ps. al-fatihah
to a dear friend of mine Tuminah bt Paiman
as her dad past away last thursday...


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