Tuesday, August 4, 2009

dont touch my mallet!

gamelan class was wonderful...
there were a lot of familiar faces,
both from kaed and from the cultural groups.

and the good part was that i manage to play the
bonang (above pic)
its like the hardest gamelan instrument to play,
but im like totally ready for the challenge.

i think ive already memorized the first song that was thought that night.
'Perang' was the song called...
it was actually a song that was played everytim
a sultan or the agong came into a ceremony or some sort.

we are expected to perform in UPSI in october,
we were to reach that certain standard,
that we wouldnt embarrassed cikgu Zahir,
so im hoping for that.

i want to be really good at playing the bonang,
so wish me luck, k?



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