Sunday, August 30, 2009


as most of u who personally noe me know..
i love korean music...
especially this one girls group named
'Brown Eyed Girls'...

their latest album
is really good and i recommend people go downld it...

their first single from this album
has already top most of the charts in korea
and is still goin strong after more than a month

here is wat the wrote when the group got
no 1 on their charts...

Brown Eyed Girls scored third No. 1 song on our chart with "Abracadabra",
firmly enchanted themselves as one of the premier girl groups in Korea despite many strong competitions.
The quartet has been very successful since switching to up-tempo dance songs.
"Abracadabra" was co-composed by Rollercoaster’s Jinu (Hitch Hiker) and Lee Min Soo.
It is a fresh electronic pop dance number with BEG members' electrifying
performance and dance moves already is the talk of the town.

the girls also manage to keep their title on Soompi this week...

here ive posted a vid so
u guys could see...
its not the best one ive got
but i think its good enough...

congrats to them and hopefully more great songs are comin.


ps. post nie tok hilman... pasal dia kata nk dgr lagu nie...

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