Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ViVa Malaysia!

eventho it is in the fasting month
i still managed to celebrate Merdeka
and spread a lil bit of joy along the way...

i joined another programme under
the Merdeka Train Party
last Merdeka day...

this is like my 5th or 6th programme with the group,
and i enjoyed this one the most i think...
apart from just mindless celebrating merdeka day,
we were on a mission to spread the merdeka spirit to the many
passengers of the Monorail line...

most of them just stared at us,
but there were some who actually sang,
clapped and joined in the fun
with us...

much fun,
and much energy was needed.
i was literally dragging my feet back to the uni
after the programme...

but it was all worth it...
and i am tankful to the multiracial community of which is Malaysia
of which also ive met a lot of people that day.
fun people,
interesting people
and people who have tendencies to kill...

Happy Birthday Malaysia!


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