Thursday, September 24, 2009

4th day...

yesterday i spent the 4th of syawal
by goin to
Sunway Lagoon!!

i had such a great tyme laughing,
swimming and cursing
that i didnt notice that i had a cut under my foot..
loads of fun just hanging out and playing with water...

there were not a lot of people,
but yet most of the people there,
were the pak arabs and
the chinese...

we came at around 10
and went back home at around 5.
but we had to stop n take pics of the occasion.

and b4 we went to aimi's aunts house,
i stopped at Popeye's at Piramid...
coz i really wanted to try it as mizie said it was nice...
its ok.

when we reached aimi's aunts house,
i was so tired,
it was not even funny anymore...
i thot i was havin a fever...
bad case of the flu..
in the end i went to aimi's cousins room and
took a short nap..

at around 8.30 we decided to get back home...
i took a ride with aimi's mom
and walllahhH!
im home at last!

great day!


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