Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I like the muzik

this is the group 4Minute's latest song
which is entitled
(yes, it is spelled like that)

i believe this song is really catchy and it has
a nice hook to it...
i would recommend evryone to give it a try...

this song is a mixture pop dance, electronica and the
signature kpop style of music that is so unique and distinct to the
Korean people...
this song also have more vocal parts for the members to sing...

personally i would say this song is
a major improvement from their
last single "Hot Issue"
which i taught was silly..

owh btw i think Jiyoon looks
SSupper Smexy in this song...
(Jiyoon is the girl with short hair and wearing sunglasses...)

ive included a performance video they did
last week on their comeback stage...
i hope u enjoy it...


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