Sunday, August 30, 2009

ill do watever i feel like doin!

i have yet again did somtin drastic to my hair...
after 6 months of being a normal curly haired guy,
ive become a normal straight hair guy..

i think it is true that the world is full of ungrateful beings..
people who have short hair,
wants long locks...
people who have straight hair wants curly ones,
and those like me who have curly hair wants it to be straight.

how ungrateful are we?

i can see now that it is a trend that guys straighten their hair...
in the salon i went just now,
even the guy beside me was doin it,
and he had much shorter hair than i did...
as long as we're happy,
theres no harm in changing hairstyles isnt it?

but i do noe that hilman will also be straightening his hair soon,
so watchout y'alls!

cant wait to do the
'merdeka train party'

hope to be able to properly introduce myself
to Sarah,
not just laugh, like last tyme...

toodles y'all!

4 people give a shit!:

Sarah Iqbal said...

awww...u mentioned me in ur blog! im sooo flattered! ;)) hahaa

ok, c u there yeah!! :))

aMaeBa said...

u should be!
i dont usually mention names here..
:D heee

Sarah Iqbal said...

i notice!! thank u, thank u. ;)

aMaeBa said...

u noticed?
now im the one who feels honored!

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