Thursday, August 6, 2009


i was helping out a fren of mine
with their studio work last week...
i was kinda like a short movie of some sort
with a storyline and all...
and i was Hanafi,
one of the main characters...

i cant tell u much about the movie but
i can tell u that i had fun recording it...
it was my first time doin anythin of this sort,
and it also made me think
that maybe,
just maybe,
i could someday go for an audition at KLPac
or a small stage production somewhere...
thats like my all time dream...
to be able to perform on a stage production...

i noe ive been performing for a very long time...
but performing on a marching band and
dancing traditional dances is totally different from
doin theater.


thanx to heal for asking me
to help out with ur project,
i had fun.

u made me feel that i could possibly
go chase after my dream someday....


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