Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dying tree.

some people say that as people age, they get more mature.
but this is not true as
Sheldon and Kesser have proven in their book that,
"While it has been shown that older persons are generally more mature,
psychological maturity is not determined by one's age."

so basically,
if a person age does not go parallel with a persons maturity,
does it mean that it depends on the mental age?
this is also a no.

it is generally believed that the process of maturing is
learned rather than instinctive,
and is not determined by one's age.

u learn to become mature.
u dont inherit maturity,
and maturity does not come to u in a dream, ok people.


it comes from living and learning from life.

i guess the problem lies when a person thinks he/she is mature
and to have live life enough that
he does not see that the cycle of maturing never ends.
i dont think somebody ever stops learning how to act and be mature.

but the thing is being a mature individual is so hard!
it is much easier to retort to things and being an ass.
i usually hate it when people treat me like i dont know stuff
and as if its my first time doing it.

i usually tell people if its my first time.
so people can have a rough idea of the product that
i would produce. so if i dont say that its my first time,
it means that i have done it before and u can keep your
stupid sarcastic comments to yourself.

thats the deal with malays i guess.
not generally saying everybody...
*sapa makan cili dia terasa pedas*
that we think highly of ourselves.
and we like to make ourselves look or seem superior.
especially in the working environment.
(ok, i get it. when u work,
u want to put ur best foot forward. bla bla bla)
but one should not resort to lame comments
and being sarcastic to collegues...
i dont think its right to assume that u noe everything...
as a matter of fact i think its stupid when u do..

so, on a personal note,
i dont care to try and get close to people who i do not generally care for.
so i usually act in a generally perky and happy me and
try to restraint myself from making any comments
of what not that would make me seem as i would care at all.
i would also like people to do the same to me.
i dont want people to act like they are buddies with me.
i dont want people to make comments like they noe what i like or do not like.
i find annoying and i hate it.

so. all in all,
i just like to have people to start thinking
of what they are saying, or sms-ing or commenting or what not..
its not hard.
a second to think about it would solve hours of conflict later.

i try to be optimistic and believe that everybody has a good side.
but that good side will also have shadows.
what is that shadow signifying to you?
is it immaturity like me?
or is it somtin worse?
let me noe in the comments below
and have a good day.


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Lola Izham said...

My shadows that are constantly hounding me signify dark thoughts. Something of which sometimes it is not worth telling anyone about because I do not think they would understand and in the weirdest way, these thoughts help me grow. Like, I am constantly picking things up from around and think hard and learn. Hmm. And now I shall ponder..

Ive missed reading you, Mael!
Welcome back, love. :))

aMaeBa said...

but u shouldnt always keep those dark thoughts to urself lola! the weight would crush u.. if the person wouldnt understand then the person is not worthy of the information... find somebody who would i suppose. anyways u noe we are always here for u lola.

glad to be back. :)

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