Monday, April 25, 2011


hye peeps.
ive always loved the indian culture.
the colours, the dance, the music, the life..
and it is only natural that i dream to go there sometime soon.

so, my bestbuds and i gathered one day and talked about it.
and the result being that
shaqyl, vini, hazey and i are planning to
go backpacking next march to india!
im like uber excited and ive been bugging
hazey so much about the tickets. *sorry haze

but yeah,
we'll be spending a month there goin proli from
Kerala *the South of india
to Kashmir *which is the north

so as any one would be,
im like super excited.
and the plan would be that the trip is gonna be like
rm5000 each so i thought that i would be needing a job by atleast
July in order to successfully collect that amount of money.

so yeah.
need to find a job.
one that is not so permanent.
so that i could quit to take that 1 month long trip.

so far,
seeing that i not doing anything at the moment.
i actually thot of working partime somewhere.
but who in the right mind would hire someone whos only looking
for work for like 3 weeks?
so i passed the idea.
now, im stuck at home,
trying not to waste to much of money
*i wouldnt even go to the store to buy my facial wash*

so yeah.
im cheap.
and im planning to go to india.

so tell me,
whats the one country u would love to go
if u have the chance.
and plz dont say the United States.
i will find you and hit u hard in the face.
tell me in the comments below.


a big plus if u can identify wat pic is that
that ive put in the post up above.

2 people give a shit!:

AJ said...

fine, i won't say. But I would LOVE to go and MOVE to amsterdam, holland :D
I love you too Mael.hahah

aMaeBa said...

awww.. we will one day set our foot there aj. hahaha. europe and the whole shazzang!

fine. love u much aj!
*not saying this makes me look like im a jerk.

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