Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jalan Ibrahim?

sorri for the really awkward post a few days ago...
i was really under a lot of stress and i just wanted a way to curse out load (not literally).

so, today i want to list down 11 things that i really hate..
(in conjunction with my very stressful week)

1. i hate gaining weight
(but its not like im doin anytin to stop it form happenening)

2. i hate not being to wake up in the morning coz i slept late the night before

3. i really hate crappy internet service
(i cant rite on my blog and download stuff)

4. i hate that people sometimes ask me why i moved away from VI to TIKL

5. when throw away garbage in my car..
(i do have a window, guys! throw it outside!)

6. i hate waiting long for my food
(its ok if the food is extremely good)

7. i hate that the washing machine at my home always ruin my clothes

8. i hate goin to the surau and then leaving with the scent of smelly feet

9. i hate staying up late not because i want to but bcoz i have to..
(example: doin a report on Jalan Ibrahim, Sg Petani!)

10. i hate that i dont have the tyme to enjoy myself anymore.

11. i hate that people dont understand that i can sometimes feel down and i dont want anybody to disturb me.


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