Friday, February 27, 2009

Once upon a tyme... part 2

Autumn Landscape at Dusk

More situations!
Credits to Sarah Iqbal
Please interpret on your own yeah!

Situation 1
# A friend that you've known for a long time, recently called you, "pendatang" and "illegal". You just a gave a smirked.

monologue: Emm...? sori la...its not my fault that u're born a fucking retard! buang masa je aku spend tyme with u all these years.

Situation 2
# You saw a Jason Mraz look alike giving a presentation about his artworks in Kinokuniya and you started stalking him.

monologue: why am i doin this? i dont even like Jason Mraz! wait! that not even him!! arghH!!!

Situation 3
# You were having early dinner with your boyfriend and your best friend and her mother was stalking you.

monologue: eh? kitorang kawan je la auntie... (ill get u letter, damn fren u are!) nk ikot pon tak yah la bwk mak ko... bagong tol!

Situation 4
# When is so obvious that your in a relationship even though when you're not stating it and suddenly, a human asked you this question, "when are you guys becoming an item?". You just smiled.

monologue: do u honestly i think i would share that with u? if u're person that i think should noe, u would already have!

Situation 5
# You were lining up for popcorns and u saw a malay couple, engaging themselves in having PDA. The girl was wearing hijab. You turned away and sigh.

monologue: Cik, kami dari JAKIM... Cik dh Kahwin ke?


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