Monday, June 29, 2009

Pop Culture..

owh man...
ledoquyen just uploaded new vids and i cant even dwnld a single
one with the current condition of my internet connection.
its like so sucky today.
and i just cant wait to see the vids...
its just not the same as watching them on youtube...

most of my studio mates noe that im really into Korean Pop Music.
i literally noe almost every current Korean groups and their individual names...
its not like just one particular group, OK?
i literally noe the whole lot.

u see,
there was once an ad on popseoul (a korean gossip or such site)
looking for new people to write for them,
its like they email us the stories and we would like write witty stuff about it
and then they will post it on the site...

i honestly wanted to apply.
thinking that i would have a future in journalism.

but yeah,
i love korean music.
and i noe im not alone.

one thing is tho,
there's a lot of schoolgirls these days saying that they love korean pop music.
but in reality they just follow these few groups they find having cute guys.
i dont blame them tho,
koreans do look particularly perfect,
perfect teeth,
perfect skin,
perfect hair.


ok, back to the point.
its not like they like korean music,
they just like the that particular group.
i dont think its the same as liking their music...

most of the girls like popular bands like
Big Bang,
Wonder Girls,
Girls Generation
(SooYoung from this group is totally HAWT!!),
and FT Island.

but i like groups that seems to be not as popular..
funny coz they come up with very
good music if not better.
groups like
Brown Eyed Girls, Gavy NJ and V.O.S. are my fav.

the top one is Brown Eyed Girls.
my all time fav.
their music is influenced a lot by electronica sounds...
then its Gavy NJ and V.O.S.
both of these groups are slow ballad groups
they dont dance as much as the idol groups
but hey!
they sure do sound better.
and VOS just got their first Number 1 song
this week on (another korean music site)
congrats to them!!

this is getting into a really long post!
look at me talking about nonsense again.
but who noes??
i could be paid writing about
korean pop culture in the near future?
i can dream, rite?


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Arfah said...

akak suke loveholic- rainy day sgt mantap!!!

ss501 punye lagu pun bole la blah jugak

tree bicycles pun ok

tp akak lg suke tgk drama korea, hihihi

yes, i am poyo ;p

Sarah Iqbal said...

interesting likings for a male! kinda cool! ;)
oh, heard of As One?

aMaeBa said...

@kak arfah - ske gak tgk korean drama, tp im more interested in their music... yup2 loveholic is really good. a lot of their song have been remaked by other artist... tp ive never three bicycles...hahaha... are they still active?

aMaeBa said...

@sarah - yup, not a lot of guys are into this thing. but thats wat makes me unique eh? or is it that makes me weird? ive heard of As One before, but im not familiar with their music, coz they only came up with one mini album last year and its hard to get dwnld sites for unactive groups... maybe u have any sites to recommend?

Sarah Iqbal said...

yeah..ur rite bout those downloading sites!
i wish i know any sites but usually, i just copy those songs from my frens who already hv albums and etc. ;)

aMaeBa said...

i noe just a few sites like ledoquyen (which only provides new albums) and 4shared (which has a limited range of korean music)... im not good at browsing thru fansites so this is like the best i can do.

Arfah said...

tree bicyles tu ade dlm ost boys over flowers, lagu one more time, best bgt! akak tak tau kalo diorg new group ke, lame punye ke atau dah bungkus. cube tgk kalo leh dl. file die besar bagak, kalo idak akak leh emailkan, hihi

aMaeBa said...

ok2... dh ingat dh.. derang ada buat lagu tok cite 'Witch Yoo Hee' kan? ok2, tau2...

fiza said...

perfect teeth,
perfect skin,
perfect hair.

cosmetic surgery and makeup?haha.

oh btw, aku ada jumpa website yg bole download tros xyah nak request.

aMaeBa said...


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