Friday, June 12, 2009

damn tyre!

Last Tuesday was the first time i went out with friends from VI
in like 5, 6 years?

it was so much fun!
we went to have some sort of a BBQ at Ulu Yam.
the day started off in the worse manner as it could possibly be.

i woke up early and i went straight to Payan's house to pick Matter and him up.
upon leaving his house and walking towards my car,
i saw that

i had a freaking flat tyre!!!

so we tried to change it to the spare one at the back,
and guess what?

i didnt have that thingy
to open those damn nuts!

wat luck do i have?
so Payan called Azfar and the problem was solved.

all in all there were nine of us,
and me!

we went there using Azfar and Aiman's car so mine was not needed,
(not like i was looking forward to drive anyway)

we got there at 11.30,
2 hours behind schedule.

it took us 1 hour to start the fire
and another 1 hour to actually eat the first piece of chicken
but it was worth the wait
the chicken was great!!!
(tanx to arep and fixx)
and i dont know why that there are no pics of me kipas-ing the chicken...
eveytime they took pics of the food,
i was not there...

we went into the river
and discovered that
we were required nerves of steel to take a dip
the water was ice cold!!!
but we manage anyways..

looking as dorky as ever..
i had loads of fun
and i wish i could have many more outings with these guys..


2 people give a shit!:

dalila khairi said...

hey mael,i kenal arep!
hes like a good friend of my friend.
he was in uitm perak sama ngan i!
what a small world! ;D

aMaeBa said...

really r?
it is a small world.
makes u think of how great the world is.

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