Monday, June 1, 2009


it has been 5 years!
5 long years!
5 years of contemplation,
5 years of consideration,
5 years of pondering,
5 years of reflecting whether or not
i should step to the sacred grounds of Victoria Institution.

so, finally after the long awaited 5 years
i've finally went back to the much loved school of mine.
lots have changed but yet nothing has.

the tattoo actually started at 8,
but i actually went early with Hazman at around 5.30
just to look around and those long hollowed halls and corridors.

the night started off nicely with a short sketch
by the band members on how the band was actually established in 1909.
how it started with a drumline
and how a bagpipe section was introduced later,
making Victoria Institution Cadet Corps Band (VICCB)
the oldest Bagpipe group in Southeast Asia.

Then the show continued with the performance
of the drum and pipe section
showing of their classical oldschool way of marching and formations.
it was pretty much just basic show of drills and precision
these two section are famous for.

next is the performance from the invited
band from Indonesia
DC7 Drumline.
the band consist of primary school students who either play drums and march
or they play at the static percussions.
they were ok i guess.
nothing special.

next was a dance performance from a dance troupe from the YMCA.
they danced a traditional Scottish line dancing routine which was pretty
nice... i have no comment but to congratulate all the makciks
who can dance really well even with their age.

there were also minor performances from

1.two really beautiful NZ ladies who danced a really long Scottish dance

2. the royal navy who preformed a marching routine in the dark
with glow-in-the dark rifles.

3. the VI Cadet Corps Infantry who also marched in the dark but
no where near to the capability of the Royal Navy's team.

4. and there was also a drum battle between the VICCB and DC7,
it was cute, haha.. allaaa. it was the same like in the movie 'Drumline' tue.

so after all the minor performances,
its the time which everyone was waiting for...
the long awaited performance of

this show is mostly done by a Thai instructor who made
the formation, music and other stuff apparently...

i actually recognised the first song which was
taken from the PGL the Musical Soundtrack.
Nice Song!
Nice rendition from the band,
with a trumpet and horn solo.

i actually enjoyed the show.
not blown away
lots of mistakes in the music..
but i give it a 7/10..

there were a lot of difficult moves in the show...
so i cant blame them...
but the colourguard was fantastic.

they sure can improve and im sure they will...
Good luck to the VICCB in Italy later in July!
May all your hardwork pay of and it reward you

Congrats to the band for reaching to a 100 years.
and i actually cant believe that i was actually a part of this band for more that 3 years.
proud to be one of them..


4 people give a shit!:

LoLa Z. Izham said...

Allaaaa!! Really wanted to go!! Huhuhu Sabar je la.. I'll just wait til the next one kot . Huhuhu.

aMaeBa said...

there will always be the next one, but this one is extra special being the 100 years of the band establishment.

Beaks of Hen and Parrot said...

ehehe...happy nya aku...ada jugak org satu pendapat pasal performance mlm tuh..thanks anyways for dropping by to comment on my entry..ehe

aMaeBa said...

haha.. yela tue...
no prob.

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