Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blue Ribbon Of Achievement

i noe its like totally weird
to be giving oneself an award.
but this is my blog and ill do wat i think is cool.



HAPPY 100th POST!!

i feel very proud that im able to constantly write about practically nothin.
ive wrote about toilets,
ive wrote about Chinese proverbs,
ive wrote about shit,
and i also have wrote about my past.

i noe,
this blog does not have a direction
i talk about whatever comes to mind at that particular time.
so, sue me.

maybe if anybody requests
on stuff they want to read about,
i can do that..
i suppose.

maybe i could start a blog talking about k-pop.
but that would be too boring for those who are not interested...
that just leaves me with one option then...
to continue writing about virtually nothin.

hooray to me!

2 people give a shit!:

Iman said...

congrats dear, i pun belum sampai 100th lg,

aMaeBa said...

Tanx iman.. hahaha...
cam pelik panggil nama nie..

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