Friday, June 26, 2009

Overthrow the princess!

ive been like totally in awe of how good the
dancers from
So You Think You Can Dance season 5...
which is showing rite now in the states.
all of them are such great dancers.
personally i like Jannette and Jonathan.

today i want to share with u guys my fav performance yet
from the season.

its a pop/jazz performance, performed by
Kayla and Max.

the story of the dance goes like this.
(if u are too lazy to listen to their comments from the video)

Kayla is a princess who decides to have Max
perform a dance to her
coz apparently, she's bored.
but Max has a different plan in mind.
he wants to take the throne away from her.
see whether he gets it or not.


2 people give a shit!:

Beaks of Hen and Parrot said...

how i wish i have time to watch all this..haih..

aMaeBa said...

u should la... its not like it takes so much time...

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