Monday, June 22, 2009

Malaysia Truly Asia

(a pic i took at the jetty on the way to P. Redang)

as some of u guys would already noe...
i went to Pulau Redang last weekend.
i went 3 days without the Internet!
im like soooo proud.

so how was redang?
it was marvelous!
it was incredible!
it was amazing!
it was Malaysia?

i cant believe someplace that beautiful could be in this country.
just proves to you that Malaysians can care for the environment
if they really try.

so we went there by bus,
which leaves KL on thursday night at 10.
the journey took us 8 hours with a short stop at Cherating.
when we finally arrived at Merang at around 7am,
we discovered that the bout would only leave at 10.45am.
so we were left there stranded in an area
which includes a single food stall selling nasi lemak.
such a fun place to spend 3 hours isnt it?

this is us,
waiting for the boat to arrive.
i was already sweating quite heavily at this moment in time.
but eventually the bout came and we took the
1 and a half hour ride to P. Redang.

we checked in and
we got into our room!
there were 6 people in our room.
there were suppose to only 4 but aimi's bro
wanted to be in the same room with us.

so the package enables us to have 3 snorkeling sessions.
the first one was hell for me.
i had such a bad time in the sea that i felt like drowning.
the water current was to strong and i was pushed around like a rag doll.
it took me 30 minutes to swim back to the boat.

see how tired i was?
i tell you!

the second session was fantastic.
no heavy current.
lots of fishes,
and i finally understood how to swim wearing a life jacket!

these are among the underwater pics we took during our third session.
look at me!
dont i look like a crazy man trying to do silat underwater?

another pic during the final snorkeling session.
i didnt noe that i look so stupid trying to hold my breath.

the whole group trying to smile while holding in the urge to gag
after drinking so much sea water.
(i look pretty good without glasses kan?)

and this is a short message i dedicate to EIE+2 on the beautiful sands of redang.
sorry i couldnt do anything more precise.
it was so hot!
i couldnt stand standing on the sand any longer.

we came back to the mainland on sunday afternoon
and spent the days walking around Kuala Terenggganu.
Pekan Payang.
the destroyed State Stadium.
Masjid Kristal.
and a few more places before we finally went to the airport
for our flight back to KL.

i got to tell u,
the airport in Kuala Terengganu,

in the end i got some really decent shots of the island
and im quite thankful to aimi's mom to have invited me to join the trip.
she had invited me to follow along on several occasions,
but this would be the first for me to actually do so.

Malaysia Truly Asia

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Sarah Iqbal said...

wahhhh..its sooo beautiful!!!!

aMaeBa said...

it really is!
i didnt imagine malaysia could look like that.

salihatalib said...

sounds fun lah..
total budget bpe mael??
nk pegi jgakk

aMaeBa said...

penginapan dlm RM500...
all in all dgn transport skali, dlm RM800+

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