Monday, June 1, 2009

calimari and sashes

it has been a really interesting week, last week.
the debate team was treated with a night out eating seafood in Kuala Selangor
the place was located rite beside the sea,
but unfortunately we couldnt se the ocean due to reason
that there were not a single shining star available!
it was pitch black!
the only reason i was sure it was the ocean was bcoz of the stinking smell...
but none the less it was enjoyable.

ive been telling everybody that it would take around 1 hour ++ to get there,
but nobody listened to me.
so i decided that i should keep quite.

i took us almost 2 hour to get there...


on the way there we watched one of my fav Hindi films
'kal ho na ho'
or in english -
'Maybe theres no tomorrow'

well its not hard to be my fav film coz
i actually only have seen around 3 or 4 hindi films.

here are some of the pics of the night out.

Pn Asiah and Pn Leela decided to hang loose and act like schools girls that night.
mind the cutesy pose.

some or the dishes we ate that night
1. Sweet and sour fish

2. Deep fried calimari
this one is havenly.

3. Chilly Prawns.

the three teachers...
well, one is retired!

me and Pn Leela's son

the two of them were chosing carefully the fresh seafood of which we will be eating...

all in all there were 26 of us to feed.
15 students
3 teachers
2 husbands
4 children
2 bus drivers

a group photo upon leaving
some of them had to go to the loo at THIS moment..

so the next day was the schools celebration of Teachers day.
i was invited to come to share the joyous event.
i arrived at school at 9.30 when all the teachers was having their 'jamuan'
so, i joined along...
then there was the performances by the student and teachers in the hall...

so this is us.
from left. Pn Leela, Pn Fauziah, Cik Normalisa, Me, Pn Norazlina, Pn Marina.

But The highlight of the day must have been watching Pn Leela, Mr Yap and Mr Lim dancing bangra (hopefully the right spelling)


good week.

6 people give a shit!:

salihatalib said...

u've been teaching kat tikl ke???
pn.norazlina yg ajar english tu kan???
yg jd cikgu ragby tu???
da pkai tudung..
cntekk :)

aMaeBa said...

thats the one..
dia kan dh lama pakai tudung la sali...
mmg ak dok mengajar kat tikl..
tp sebulan lebih je..
ganti pn marina...

salihatalib said...

rindu skola laaaaa

aMaeBa said...

haha... agak la

syaNa said...

Pn. Azlina was my class teacher masa form 4..
mael, u mengajar kat tikl??
how come?? kenapa dgn Pn Marina??
btw, really miss tikl so much.

aMaeBa said...

really ar?
puan marina bersalin,
so the school needed a replacement.
so, the asked me!
and also to help out with the debate team.

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