Sunday, April 12, 2009

You wont wanna go Norway?

Thanks to the less than perfect pronunciation of a
Korean man karaoke-ing to Mariah’s hit song,
i have a vid that can guarantee to

To the man in the video:
tanx for the laughs.
u make my day a little bit brighter.
Yes, English is a difficult language to learn
especially for non-native speakers like us, kan?

Oh, and a warning to those underaged…
due to the badly mispronounced words,
the song is innocently filled with emmm…
adult lyrics!

Now that’s not gonna stop you
from hitting the play button,
is it?

and to Tum..
i noe u already seen this.
diam2 aja ya.

u can get the video by clicking


2 people give a shit!:

- M i N - said...

haha vid bodoh...camel ke jadah pn wujud..

aMaeBa said...

tau takpe....
tropical priest!??

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