Sunday, April 5, 2009

are u ready?


i am always worried to lose somebody i love.

would u?

how much would u miss ur parents when they are no longer with us?
wat would u remember?
wat would u do?
  1. would u miss them with all ur heart?
  2. would u miss them only when u see something that reminds u of them?
  3. would u cry everytime u hear their favourite song?
  4. would you crave to eat 'ayam goreng' prepared by ur mom?
  5. would u smile when a friend who doesnt know ask u wether ur parents are doin fine?
  6. would u cry when u pray for them everyday?
  7. would u meet with ur siblings every weekend to talk about the good old days?
  8. would u act as if nothin happened?
  9. would u carry on with ur life?
i noe that
when the time comes,
it gonna be hard.

i recently saw a short film about a funeral...
it was the wifes turn to say
sometin about her late husband.

she started off by saying,

'i am not going to sing praises about my late husband,
or how he has influenced my life,
we had plenty of that already.
first off
i'm gonna talk about we did in bed.'

she then said that everytime they went to bed
that his husband would snore and fart till the level that he woke himself up.
often he would say

'wat was that?'

she would answer lovingly
'it was the dog dear, go back to sleep...'

she then said that,
by the time his late husband's illness was at its worse ad he was at the end of his life,
it was these noises that indicated to her that he was still alive beside her.
and how much she would give to hear it again...

we often think that we would remember our family and frens
even tho they would no longer be with us...

thats true.

but wat would remind us of them??

as the woman said in the short film said,
'its the small imperfections that makes me remember my dear husband,
and i would always pray for my beautiful children,
later in their lives to
find someone they love with all their heart
with lots of these
imperfection so that they can remember them as well...
just like i have.'

i dont like funerals..
i dont like it at all...
but i like to embrace death...
not in the way that we are glad he/she is dead
that is just so wrong!

but to celebrate the way that person has
lived his/her life.
paham tak?

we cant predict when will death come.

but we could be ready for it.
to take things for granted is such as waste.

are you ready?


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